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JOHN DENVER playing at the Wildlife Concert.

       Jim Horn                        Chris Nole               Michito Sanchez    

The Wildlife Concert

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JOHN DEMOTT with JOHN DENVER's Mother, Erma at 2002 Wheeler Tribute.

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John at JD Sanctuary

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John Signing prints at John Denver
 Wheeler Tribute 2002.

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Original oil painting of John Denver  by John DeMott

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Wheeler Tribute 2002.
Left to Right - John Sommers, Jim Conner, Steve Weisberg, John DeMott.

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JOHN DEMOTT  with Hal Thau.
Hal Thau was John Denver's longtime business manager,
 personal manager, and close friend.

JOHN DEMOTT with Annie Denver

at Aspen, CO

John's mother, Erma Deutschendorf, family, and friends at Wheeler JOHN DENVER Tribute 2002.

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John DeMott with wife Cindy
 at JD Sanctuary.

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JOHN DENVER in concert.

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"...though the singer is silent there still is the truth in a song..."


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